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Dental Treatment

At Basildon Dental Practice we cover all aspects of general dentistry. 


 Examinations where we check the health of your teeth and gums, including checks for Oral cancer and the health of your soft tissues/muscles and bone.  We offer smoking cessation advice and specialist referrals for more complex areas of dentistry.


We carry out restorative treatments from fillings to crowns, dentures, and Root Canal treatments, carried out if clinically necessary.


Whenever possible, we aim to see any patient with an Emergency either on the same day or within 24 hours of calling.  (subject to times requested by the patient)







We have visiting hygienists who work with us. They are very adept at assessing oral hygiene and thus delivering tailor made oral hygiene regimens and treatments for patients. A half an hour appointment costs £60. Please call for more information. 

Our Hygienist is unavailable through direct access.  Any patient who books an appointment with the hygienist would have had to be seen by a  dentist , at our practice, within the last 12 months.

Cosmetic Treatments
Other Treatments 

Private treatment - We also offer treatments where the silver amalgam fillings can be replaced for tooth coloured restorations. Speak to your dentist about this as prices can vary depending on each case but tooth coloured restorations are available from £80 - see our fee guide for more information.

We offer boutique tooth whitening to patients who will specifically benefit from it. Upper and lower whitening costs £300 - Top up syringes can also be bought for existing patients who have carried out the initial whitening with us. 




Dental Implants

Clear Aligners

Anti Wrinkle Treatments

Please call and speak to a member of staff for details





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